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Seems like it was only yesterday that you surprised us with your fiery red hair. We couldn’t believe that we had a red-head. You had so much hair that they actually could give you a fax-hawk just like Daddy.


You’ve grown up so fast. We could have never guessed that you’d be the joy you’ve been to us. Addison, you were just was your Mommy and I needed when you were born. Your smiles lit up the room, and your laughter gave us such hope for life.

cute in new hat!

Right from the start you’ve been your own little lady. You’ve lived up to your red-hair and an interesting combination our dispositions. You’re feisty and you want what you want, which will come in handy someday. I’m so glad you live from your heart. That is something we’d always want for you.

Birthday cake!!

I enjoy your snuggles in the morning and before you go to bed. I love when you ask me to pray with you at night. I love that you want us to read to you. I love that you ask questions of your world, even as a girl of three. You bring us such unbelievable joy, yes, even when you wake us up almost every night at 3:30!

Finally - I got some shots of Addison!

Happy Birthday, Addison! We love you more than words could ever really say!


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