We knew going into this past spring that Liam needed a new bike. He had seriously outgrown the old one to the point that the seat couldn’t go any higher and his knees were so scrunched up that they rose above the handle bars when he pedaled. We saw some great bikes at the local bike shops; however, we knew this would be a transition bike and spending serious money on something he’ll ride for maybe just one season seamed unwise at this point in our lives. All summer long we had looked on Craig’s list, Ebay, garage sales, thrift stores, yet all summer long we found nothing.

But yesterday we walked around a rummage sale at a local Christian school. Low and behold within the first 5 minutes, we found a bike for Liam.

And the bike was $5.

Jenna found some training wheels for $1, but we skipped those. I figured I would spend this afternoon teaching and helping him to ride without them anyway.

Being that it’s Sunday, I of course left before the sun came up to prep for the church services today. In between services, I got a call from Jenna. Liam was riding the two wheeler. He just got on his new bike and rode. He fell once, but got right back up and took off again.

Looks like he didn’t need my help after all.

[flickr video=http://www.flickr.com/photos/danscott77/2934577987/]

I think I had this vision in my head of running belong side Liam and keeping him steady like in a State Farm commercial or something.

Liam had other plans, but I guess I can’t complain given my history.

I remember doing somewhat the same thing. I took of my training wheels on my own and just started riding. In taking off the training wheels, I messed something up so much that my father had to fix the bike before I could really ride it. But I got on again and rode.

But I digress, this moment is not all about me. This moment is about him riding without training wheels for the first time today, just getting up and doing it. And the moment is awesome!

He’s always been this type of guy. I celebrate that every so often he takes chances and risks even if he could fall and get a little banged up. (Don’t get me started about “rock climbing” the tree in the front yard.) Seeing him get out there today just put a smile on my face. For it being only a few hours without a net, he’s doing great!

But don’t worry I’ll give him a few days before taking him on the bike trails…

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