why I have a job.

I snapped this pic a few Sundays ago. It’s one of our small group leaders in Discovery Village with a child during a small group activity.

So much of my work is based in the aesthetic: lighting, setgraphic design, and stage props. I sometimes wonder if it is worth all of the time, effort and money. However, when I see moments like this, I realize why I do what I do.

Church needs to be a place where anyone can feel welcome and find a home. Being the creative director for our children’s ministry, this means that when a child enters Discovery Village they will know that it is a place where they are welcome to be who they are and have fun. I pray that the environments that my team creates will help a child realize that church is actually a pretty cool place to be on any given weekend. And of course as a result, each child would grow in faith through what he or she experiencing during the hour.

I see these moments more often. Maybe I’m paying more attention lately. I saw several tonight actually, which is more encouraging than you know. It’s truly amazing to be working in a church where kids are coming to know the real Jesus and begin to understand what being a part of kingdom means for them. Tonight I’m just really thankful for my team, the volunteers, and the church.

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