A few months ago I wrote a post “Why I do what I do?” This is essence is a continuation of those thoughts.

I’ve been reading Ed Stetzer’s Lost and Found this past week and came across this great quote last night:

“More than 70 percent of the unchurched age thirty and over reported that they attended church weekly as a child compared the 60 percent of the younger group [20-29]. Exposure as a child was not a positive enough experience to encourage attendance as an adult. For many, they probably had negative experiences. Churches today must realize the responsibility God has given to provide sound training and positive experiences for children in their care. Poor attitudes toward the church that are established as child may be insurmountable, even with the natural curiosity about spirituality.”

I often think why do we make room environments and children’s ministry bling? Why do we invest so much money and time into volunteers? I think that quote nails it on the head.
We love kids. We want them to know God loves them. And if it takes this:

Dan - Co-hosting

FX Family Activity

Exit Sketch

the layout for the fun!

Fourth/Fifth Xtreme Park!

That’s what we will do from here until the other side of eternity. Too much is at stake not to be excellent for the next generation of Jesus’ followers. So thankful that my team feels the same way!

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