While it seems as though I’ve been hiding under a rock, I’m still here. I’ve been writing but nothing worth posting I guess. But here’s a quick rundown of my life for the last week or so:

1. Adoption update:

On June 9, we have our second round of court. We found out that the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, who currently has custody of Taye, wants to find out more information about

Taye’s birth-father. Unfortunately, there’s not much information available as he’s deceased without death certificates or anything. We’re praying that whatever they’re looking for will turn up or they will give up and just give us custody of Taye on Tuesday.

We did get some great pictures of him and the orphanage. I wish I could post them, but let me just say. They were an encouragement. The orphanage is a really nice house with a playground out front. They even have a TV and DVD player! The kids are getting excellent care; they still need lots of love from parents, but we know they’re doing OK.

Jenna’s been great at passing the time and getting money together for plane tickets! (Click on that sentence to see her latest interview on WZZM-13 Grand Rapids.)

2. We’ve been having lots of fun at home:

Jeepin’ With the Top Down:

Jeepin' with the girls!

Making Ice Cream:

tripple pic copy

Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts:

The stage... Rosa Parks Circle - GREAT location!

Going to a Baseball game with Liam:

Daddy and Liam fun

3. Work Updates…

Work has been busy. Good busy, but busy nonetheless. I’m thankful for some new kid’s pastors in my life who’ve been a huge encouragement to me. It’s great to do ministry with other creative people, even if they are spread out all over the country! Ah, the wonders of e-mail, IM,  Twitter and Facebook!

Last week in a meeting I was told that I am “the man.” As in I used to work for the man, and now I am the man. Not sure how I feel about that, but it’s a new chapter and I’ll embrace it. Thankfully, I absolutely love what I do and almost daily wonder how I ever got this gig. I don’t deserve it.

We’ve got June off in Discovery Village, which allows the family to head out to Scioto Hills Camp for the second year and talk to some great junior high students about living for the One Thing!

That’s me in a few paragraphs. I hope to write more frequently now that life is quieting down for a season. Here’s to summer!!

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