This was a weekend of fun. Seriously, some weekends we do nothing but hang out at home and watch videos or go to Costco and do the samples thing for lunch. This weekend we were out and about! Jenna worked the West Michigan International Auto Show at the car seat safety booth. When were second shift was finished, I took the kids downtown to meet her and walk around (and in!) the cars.

We walked into the grand showroom of DeVos Place, and Liam spots an ORANGE H3 pick-up truck. Immediately he tore off and was in the driver’s seat in less than 30 seconds. “Really, the H3? How about that Prius over at the Toyota display?” “Dad, that CAR is WHITE! This is an ORANGE HUMMER!”

CarBeach 001

Ellison, being the model that she is, knew immediately how one might pose if one were being shot for a car magazine. Seriously, we don’t teach her how to do this.

CarBeach 009

OK. I WANT THIS JEEP! It’s even more beautiful in person. Yes, Jeeps can be beautiful in that rugged outdoorsy kind of way! I had more car-lust over this than any Mercedes or BMW in the place, though less than the baby-blue BENTLEY with the $200,000+ sticker tag for some reason.

CarBeach 005

Fun in the VW Eos convertible.

CarBeach 011

The second major event of the weekend was our Kindergarten/First Grade beach party at church. We decked out two of our elementary environments with all sorts of beach fun, compete with games and prizes for the whole family. Here’s Liam with the sunglasses every child got when they signed in. Why, yes, they ARE reminiscent of Star Trek.

CarBeach 014

Liam in the First Grade Diner having some beach snacks. In the distance is the photo station… We had so much fun together. Our K/1st volunteers were fabulous. They ran with everything and allowed us to hang with our kids for the event.

CarBeach 018

Ellison has been a little sick this weekend, so she stayed home from church tonight. Liam and Addison came in with me. We had to do a Photo Booth shot for everyone.

Photo Booth | February 7

Tomorrow we might have to just stay home and recouperate. I’m TIRED!

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