First of all, thanks so much for praying for Ian these past several days. They mean so much not only to my family but especially to Andrew and Carrie as they are living 24/7 with Ian in the NICU. Just this morning we received this update from Andrew:

Carrie and I wanted to send out a short note just to express our amazement and gratitude for all of the support we have received over the last week. Seeing the body of Christ in action like this is awesome. Your generosity and encouragement mean much more to us than this note could ever express. We are in awe of the number of people praying for Ian and for us. God is so good. Though we don’t understand why things like this happen we do know that God is with us, loves us, and is in control. He knew His plans for Ian’s life before it ever began. We ask that you continue to pray for little Ian as we have a long road ahead. Here is a quick update of his current situation: He is still on a ventilator in the intensive care unit at Baptist Hospital. During the week they thought he was progressing pretty well, however, he has had several setbacks. They are having trouble getting any of the junk out of his lungs, and his lungs are not strong enough for them to begin weaning him off the ventilator. In fact they have increased the amount of work the vent is doing just to keep him from getting worse. He is under heavy sedation and has been asleep the whole week long. It has been very hard on Carrie and I but we are thankful to have so many people encouraging and helping us through this. Once again thank you for the love you have shown us and please continue to pray for our little guy.

Like Andrew said, we continue to covet your prayers for Ian. His life is in God’s hands. We know that God’s love is strong even in the midst of such trying times. Jesus is the healer. While we don’t understand why this is happening, we continue to pray that He will restore Ian to full health and allow him to thrive once again. Please pray for God’s peace that passes all understanding. Pray that Andrew and Carrie will have strength going into another week of unknowns; they need rest and peace that only God can provide.

Thank you so much.

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