Thanks so much for your prayers; keep them up! Ian had a good night last night. Here’s a note from my brother-in-law:

We are very encouraged today as Ian had a good day yesterday. They were able to turn the ventilator down some so that his lungs are doing more of the breathing and the machine is doing less. Also they had more success yesterday in getting some of the mucous/fluid out of his lungs. We were very encouraged by this and hope that he will continue to improve throughout the day. Please continue to pray for him as he still has a long way to go. Specifically he needs prayer that:

1. They are able to continue getting the stuff out of his lungs

2. His lungs heal and are able to do more of the work of breathing so they can get him off the ventilator and

3. Pray that he does not contract any other infections, which is apparently a significant risk when you are on a ventilator for this long.

Again thank you for all of the prayers and support (I know I sound like a broken record saying that over and over but I really mean it).


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