A little over a year ago I wrote a post on change that remains one of my most viewed posts every week: “Change is Inevitable

Today I wrote a job description for an unknown future employee who will be taking over some of my responsibilities. As I wrote down each responsibility, each task, I was struck with a tinge of sadness.

I know that it’s time to give up some of my responsibilities to other people. I know that my job at church is in constant change, and it’s only logical to pass the baton to the next person. Yet, this certain part of my job was actually why I was hired at the church in the first place. This is an event that I have poured my life into for the past several years. Now this will be a little bit more out of my control. I’m thinking this will take some getting used to… and as much as I’m ready to give these responsibilities up, I think I might actually miss them for a while.

We all know that change is inevitable. How we deal with change becomes the test of our character. And I have to admit, I haven’t always done this very well. Even when I knew that where I was moving was best for me and the ministry, I still held on to the past and became frustrated by the loss. I don’t think I was prepared for the stress of leaving responsibility behind even with knowing that I would love the task set before me. I hope that this time around I will find more grace in the moment.

As hard as it is, sometimes we need to admit that the time has come to move on. Though we would like to hold on to the “now,” we need to let go with grace and allow others the chance to thrive. I’m not sure this will ever be easy, but I’m pretty sure it will always be necessary at some point in our lives. Lots of factors influence this change and often many are beyond our control: growing ministry, family or responsibilities with impact that we could never have anticipated. Yet the time comes, and letting go turns out to be best for everyone including ourselves. I’m living proof of that.

So I guess this is where I am right now: living through the bitter-sweat feelings of letting go while making room for change. I know that God has some creative powerhouse in mind to take our ministry to the next level, a person with whom I know I’ll enjoy working. Until then, I will wait, let change run its course, and help find and prepare for the next person with anticipation of God’s care each step of the way.

Interestingly enough, the post didn’t come to fruition until this past week when we officially hired our first dedicated family production producer. This week I revisited those emotions of letting go and moving on both with excitement and a tinge of grief.

I’m thrilled for who we hired. She is one of the most creative and theatrically skilled producers that I know, a creative powerhouse for sure! I’m excited to work with her and be a part of her vision for the production. I’m looking forward to a new set of eyes to see what I didn’t or couldn’t because I was so immersed in the process from the beginning. I can’t wait to get started on our first production under her leadership. I trust her and know that she will truly take this ministry to the next level.

Here’s to the next chapter of DV:FX at Ada Bible Church. It’s gonna be a good year! Hope to see you there…

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