On Friday night we were finishing up Taco night with the kids, and we got a phone call. Our friends around the corner invited themselves over for a campfire in our back yard.

And all at once, it sounded like exactly what we needed.

We cleaned up dinner, played with the kids for a bit, did the whole bedtime routine and got ready for a fire.

blowing on the fire

building the fire

We sat around, ate smores, and just talked. We didn’t discuss the beginnings of the universe or why we’re more existential than we should be. We really didn’t even talk about faith or parenting or any other hot topic for that matter.


We were together, and it was good.

Sometimes, you never know you need community until it slaps you in the face.


We live our lives in constant motion. I work to a greater or lesser degree seven days a week. Two kids are in school. Jenna is getting involved with ministries and Bible studies at church and in the community. We don’t even have extracurricular activities like sports, and yet we’re still in constant motion. These are all good things, and really I don’t think we’d change anything (besides me working everyday – that needs to stop soon!) We’re making it work in this new stage of family and parenting with an elementary school student. I really didn’t know the toll it was taking on me.

When our friends called, it was literally like God was telling us we weren’t doing life on our own, that we had people in our life that just wanted to be with us with no motive other than community. I realized how tired we are, and how much we needed people around.

Everyone needs people like this in their life. We’re thankful to have a good handful of people who are just like this, folks who just get us and take us how we come. Our house can be a mess, even our lives can be a mess and they love us regardless.

warming my feet

I needed that bonfire on Friday night. I needed to quiet myself and simply be. I needed the rest that comes from two or three gathered together.

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