For the past two days, we’ve had some African fun!

Last night we feasted with about 60 other adoptive families waiting for children from Ethiopia at GoJo’s Ethiopian Restaurant.

GoJo's Ethiopian Restaurant

We had a great time getting to know other families in the area that are going through the same emotions that we are experiencing. It’s amazing how immediate the connections are. Even Liam and another boy found each other. One of the cutest moments was hearing these two talk about the siblings they would have soon.

Liam met a friend...

The food was spicy – some hot, some just spicy. Good stuff though. Reminded me a bit like Indian food. I can’t wait to go back.


Then today this showed up in the mail:

The I-171H CAME!!!!

I was resigned that we still had 3-4 weeks before this sheet of paper would come. This means that the US Government has approved us and deemed us fit to have an Ethiopian child join our family. We’re just waiting on some paper work to come back in gold seals from the East Coast, and we can send the Dossier over to Ethiopia where we can wait a few more months and get a referral for a child. We’re in the second trimester. We’re thrilled and can’t wait to see our little guy face to face.

This also came in the mail today:

Jenna and "Dwight"

All of our kids have vintage Cabbage Patch Kids. Jenna finally found one that will at least sort of look like our new little guy. Ebay is awesome.

And last but not least, our family gets to spend the evening with Charles Mulli – the founder of Mully Children’s Family where Jenna and I visited back in June 2007. We can’t wait to just be with him and other members of teams that have been to MCF. It cool to remember the stories and hear new ones from Charles. God is doing just some amazing things through him at MCF.

The Mully's with the Scott's

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