Not sure if it was the ad campaign during the Olympics, the promise of acting talent, or Ron Howard’s name attached to it, but I knew that I would be turning in to see the premier of NBC’s new drama Parenthood.

I like TV. More so, I like good TV. I appreciate relevant TV programming that portrays life without being airbrushed to perfection.

Parenthood did that.

The story follows a family dealing with various stages of parenthood: a single mom who needs to move back home following some financial hardships. A family dealing with the reality that their son has Asperger’s. A successful working mother facing the difficulties of being a successful working mother. A free-spirited young man caught with the reality that he’s a father. And empty nesters who are no longer such.

Like you I’m sure, I think I personally know or am one step removed from people in each of these categories. I’ve watch people deal with these moments with both success and failure, both of which are portrayed in this show. Jenna and I found ourselves in tears at different moments. The life portrayed on this show is real. Sure there is some TV drama for the sake of TV drama. But the result is both humorous and poignant, as reality often is.

I’m not sure we needed another TV show in our weekly line-up, but we will be turning in again next week. Now the question is will they keep it up for the long term?

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