Today in Orange Week 2.0, we’re supposed to blog about what has worked and what hasn’t worked as we’ve “gone Orange” in our churches. In some ways I don’t know where to start. At Ada Bible Church we’ve introduced milestones and the family experience. We’ve held parenting seminars on pop culture and internet awareness. Some of these have been stellar and well attended. Others have been stellar and no one showed up. And some, well some were just forgettable.

But we’ve tried. And trying is half the battle.

I vividly remember attending a “Sundays at North Point” (very valuable by the way) about six years ago. We hadn’t started using  252 Basics and were creating our Family Experience from scratch. I sat there in the audience at KidStuf with my mouth hanging on the floor, encouraged that a curriculum existed where the FX script was included but completely overwhelmed and rather hopeless.

“It’s SO good. We could NEVER do that.”

As we talked with our team, we realized something important. We don’t have to do that. We don’t have to be North Point or Willow or whoever. We need to be us.

And that’s what we did. We started 252 the following year. We drastically modified the FX scripts to fit who we were at the time. We slowly but surely built a production and an audience and a voice. What was a few people on stage became a full fledged, monthly production with actors and dancers and most importantly, an audience who used the events as a catalyst for passing on faith at home!

It only took FIVE years.

Anything good takes time, but you have to start. You have to try. You have to remember that Orange will look different at your church than it looks at mine. What’s worked for us might fail miserably in your situation. But make the leap and start the transition to revolutionize the way you interact with and empower families in your church.

Now, your transition to an Orange strategy might be quick and painless, or it might cause people to leave your ministry.

It’s change, and any change brings tension.

Believe me, the tension is worth it. Being integrated and strategized is the best thing that can happen in your family ministry. It may take a few years, a lot of sweat equity, and a few (or many) tears. What’s great is that Orange is here to help. Not to mention, that many of us have gone down this road and we’re a Tweet, text message, or email away.

Be encouraged. What you do matters for right now and into eternity. Think Orange.

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