This weekend we’re celebrating Jeff Manion’s 25 years at Ada Bible Church. Jeff is a great communicator who as we’ve come to know first hand practices what he preaches. He is a friend and mentor who has been an incredible encouragement to my life.

Because we have two campuses, we wanted to make sure that Jeff could be at both of them on Sunday. The worship arts team decided to make a full-body, cardboard stand-up of Jeff. I guess I must be the Photoshop guru at church because the worship arts director asked me to make a composite of Jeff as they didn’t have a full body shot.

I took this photo of Jeff.

jeff top

And this stock photo of a random guy.

random guy

And “created” this monster with my apologies to Jeff.


It’s not that bad if I don’t say so myself… I completed it in about 15 minutes. If I had spent and hour I could have worked on the shadows on the shirt… Still, it was a fun project!

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