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Each month at our family production we switch up the 252Basics scripts from ReThink and add a family activity after the Word section that goes along with the topic for the month. Because this month we talked about fairness and celebrating how God made each of us different, we did a really simple activity that had major impact.

We made up a “Hi, My Name Is…” sticker with a place for each family member to write their name and something about themselves such as “creative” or “loving,” etc. The idea was for families to tell stories about how their unique personality traits are important to their family. The place was a buzz as family members told stories about each other and why they are important. Families then introduced themselves to other families using the name tags and the stories. “Hi, this is _________ and she’s _________ because ___________.” The chatter was infectious and even more so was the laughter families enjoyed together.

I went around with a mic after the activity ended and had a few families introduce themselves using the same idea. While I was doing this, Liam (my 5 year old) jumped out of his seat, ran up to me, and placed this sticker on me.

Photo Booth | February 5

I looked down and read it aloud for the crowd, not exactly knowing what would be on the tag. I read it and had this brief moment where I got all choked up. It was his idea and had Jenna write it out; he wanted to make sure that I wore a name tag along with the rest of our family.

I had a long week of hardly seeing my kids from Monday through Wednesday. For Liam to include me in the activity and not wanting me to feel left out, I felt beyond loved. I hope this activity was as meaningful for the other families in the room as it was for me.

The event was great: good music, great comedic sketches, and a good bottom line; the flow worked and parents had a good time. But my son and this sticker made my night. No amount of stellar production can top a son’s love. Period.

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