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This morning as I was grooming I began thinking about hair.

No seriously.

I was just starting to like my natural hair color after years of being a bottle blond, redhead, or punk rocker whatever color that was… and I’m finding more gray hairs every day. Now if you’ve seen my maternal grandfather and his severe lack of hair whatsoever, I know that I should be quite thankful that I have a head of hair at all.

What’s up with nose hair, and while we’re at it, EAR HAIR?!

These are seriously a mystery to me. I didn’t need hair in either off these places for the majority of my life, why have they decided to show up NOW?! Will ear hair suddenly help me hear as I get older, grabbing sound waves more efficiently than bald ears would? Honestly, if that’s the case, I’d rather be hard of hearing than need to take my tiny-tiny and SHARP scissors into my ear cavity.


And don’t EVEN get me started on those SHARP tiny-tiny scissors and my nose…

I’m starting to think that all of these changes in our hair are sent not to torment us (though they do) but to keep us humble.

As we age and mature, we become advice-givers more often that advice-getters (I’m not saying this is a good thing). As we get older we can have a tendency to see ourselves as experts rather than fellow learners. Our ego is often stroked on a regular basis… and it feels GOOD! After all, at this stage in the game we should begin hitting our prime. And if we have any measure of success whatsoever, we can become full of ourselves and think that we’ve arrived…

…and then we take one look in the mirror and see that runaway EAR HAIR and the balloon is popped and we’re sent back to planet earth. We’re reminded that we’re not superhuman, but rather reminded that we’re not in control of this life.

…and hopefully we respond with renewed trust in the God that is.

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