It was a simple thought that came to us in a planning meeting:

“What if we didn’t make parents have to choose between the church and their family?”

We were planning an event for Kindergarten and First Graders, a winter beach party. The event was going to be a smashing success! As we were hammering out the details, something occurred to us: If these kids have siblings, someone will need to stay home with them. Meaning, the family will be split up for the afternoon… because of us.

This is not orange. This is more like yellow with a tint of pink.

Salmon maybe.

Right then and there we decided that our events for kindergarten through third grade would all be FAMILY events. Everyone invited. Everyone included.

We keep the program geared towards the specific age group, but we also keep the rest of the family (including older siblings) in mind when planning these events. These have been a great events for the parents to meet small group leaders and their child’s friends outside of weekend programming.

Plus as a family, they enjoy a free or inexpensive afternoon of fun TOGETHER.

That is orange.

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