An important part of Thinking Orange is all about integrating your family ministry teams.

This year at the Orange Tour, Carey Nieuwhof lead the charge with Orange vision and strategy. One of the best statements he made was about why we need a family ministry plan in the first place:

“Remember that the baby who’s 18 months today will be 18 years old someday.”

As an Orange Family Ministry, each department needs to care about what’s happening before and after them. We invest years of our lives into the kids in our area of the ministry. We create programs for specific age groups, but we can’t create in a vacuum.

Do we know that what kids learned during the elementary years will be reinforced and developed as they move into student ministry?

Likewise, are we in elementary laying a solid foundation for what kids will experience as junior and senior high students?

Synchronizing your strategy is a win for parents, kids, and staff. With everyone traveling on the same track, you’ll all end up at the same location at the end of the journey.

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In practice, this might mean there are more voices around the table when considering some of the most important topics in your ministry such as how you’ll talk about salvation or how you’ll implement service projects throughout a child’s life.

For us, our family ministry team works in the same general area of the offices. We have a weekly meeting where we share “wins” and challenges. We hold quarterly all staff meetings to address major topics such as volunteer recruitment and development. We also have meetings with the directors of each age level to discuss transitions and milestones.

We know what’s happening when. We can answer questions. And hopefully, we’ll be able to help parents see that we’re in their corner when it comes to raising their children. We partner with them for nursery to high school and will help them navigate the twists and turns along the way. We don’t always get it right, but we have a plan. And having a plan with a clear end in mind is a great starting point for everyone.

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