During Orange Week 1.0, I posted a basic family ministries staffing structure as we attempt to integrate our strategy. Since then, we’ve had some major changes that have brought us further down the line in synchronizing our family ministries staff and initiatives. So I figured I might as well post our Family Ministries 2.0 during Orange Week 2.0.

I know this image isn’t the best, but I think you get the point. Here’s how this works:

The Senior Pastor Family Ministries has a limited number of direct reports. Each us either direct a major area in family ministries  or play a significant role in executing ministry to families.

The preschool and elementary directors oversee curriculum and protect the DNA of Discovery Village environment and volunteer structure throughout they system. We work on the vision pieces, care structures, and curriculum development that will be implemented at each grade level on each campus.

The Campus Coordinator oversees the staff members that are charged with volunteer care and recruitment for each of our off-site campuses. We include our Saturday night coordinator in this part of the org. chart because that service time acts more like a campus than a standard service on our “main” campus.

The Volunteer Human Resources coordinator handles major initiatives for recruitment including volunteer orientations, policies and procedures, and background checks. She also schedules and cares for our hospitality teams in preschool and elementary.

As you see in the picture several of the positions have dotted lines coming from them. These individuals offer support to other areas of the ministry. For example, the music coordinator reports directly to me, but she also help recruit and train music volunteers in preschool and on our campuses.

We also centralize curriculum support for preschool and elementary. These two women work out of the Cascade Campus and gather supplies for all small groups on all campuses. They stuff tubs of materials that get brought over to the off-site locations each Thursday afternoon.

That’s it in a nutshell. The structure is in process, and as we add campuses will obviously have to change. In kidmin, we have three full-time employees, the rest are part-time. We do a ton of work with the help of volunteer staff who are amazing! We have small group coaches and other super volunteers who put in countless hours caring for volunteers. We very literally couldn’t do kidmin without them!

There’s much I didn’t write about each of these jobs, if you have any questions at all feel free to comment or email me at dscott@adabible.org!

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