Tell Better Bible Stories

When was the last time you thought Bible stories and the way we communicate them to children? Every week we get to share Bible stories and principles from God’s Word to kids growing up in the digital age. They are surrounded by stories. Not all stories are great, but they are story — narratives that capture imagination and attention.

And (most) kids these days know a good story when they see it. They may not be able to articulate why one story is better than another, but they don’t have to. The way they pay attention says it all.

As children’s ministry leaders, we are telling the greatest story ever told. Not only is it true, it is life changing. And through story, kids encounter the love of God.

Why are we not doing all we can to present that story with clarity using engaging, dynamic storytelling?

It’s time to revisit how we tell Bible stories and become better equipped to use this timeless medium to help kids experience the Story of Jesus. It’s time to Tell Better Bible Stories.

Get ready to train your storytellers to engage kids with the story of Jesus. 

Build your team. Develop their skills. Watch kids grow.

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