Dan Scott Storyteller Recruitment in a Box 3 Part Video Training on how to recruit storytellers for your children's ministry. 0 stars, based on 0 reviews 0 5

Storyteller Recruitment in a Box

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Storyteller Recruitment in a Box

Storyteller Recruitment in a Box

3 Part Video Training on how to recruit storytellers for your children's ministry.
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Five Training Videos:
Each video breaks down a step in the storyteller recruitment process.

Introduction: Sets up the reason why recruiting storytellers is important for your children’s ministry.

Session 1 – Storytellers vs. Teachers: Consider what type of person you should look for when you start recruiting volunteer storytellers

Session 2 – Recruiting Storytellers: Discover the best way to ask a potential volunteer to serve as a storyteller

Session 3 – Onboarding Storytellers: Create a system for ensuring your new storytellers are ready to go

What’s Next: Go beyond recruiting and start thinking about how you will schedule and develop your volunteers.

Sessions 1 – 3 include some ideas for homework. I’ve included some materials to help make that easier for you as you begin building your team of storytellers.

Recruitment Checklist:
Print this checklist and use it to guide your next steps for recruiting the best storytellers.

Email Templates:

Personal Ask: Editable sample of how to invite anyone–whether it’s your BFF or a complete stranger–to the storytelling team. (Be sure to watch Session 2 on how to find the right people to invite!!)

Follow Up: Most recruits are lost due to poor communication. This template ensures good communication with possible volunteers, explaining the process if they are interested in serving.

Interview Questions:
List of must-ask interview questions for in-person interview or on a volunteer application form. Customize by choosing questions that best suit how well you know the candidate and what you still need to find out about them.

Audition Evaluation:
Clear list of objective things to consider when evaluating potential storytellers.

.Zip file is a 2.6 GB Download

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