At our Thanksgiving FX, we based our Bible story segment on the healing of the Lepers found in Luke 17.

We all know this story. Ten Lepers notice Jesus and call for him to help them. Jesus hears their cries, sees their need, and responds with compassion. He tells them to go to the priest and undergo the ceremonial cleansing to be reinstated into society. As they walk towards the priest, they are healed.

The guys are so thrilled to have their lives back that they run off towards the priest without looking back. Well, all but one.

One man stops, reflects on what just happened, and returns back to Jesus. He falls down on his knees in thanksgiving for being healed.

We’re not told this in Scripture, but I have to imagine that the other nine who ran off MUST have been thankful. Who knows how long they had been away from their families and friends? Of course they would have been grateful, but no one would have blamed them for running headlong into the arms of their wives and kids.

Yet there was that one guy. Who stopped, reflected, and returned thanksgiving back to the Giver of Life.

If God is God, he knows we’re thankful. He must, right? But this story reminds us that he still wants us to stop, reflect, and return our thanksgiving to him.

We’re all going to run at a speed of a million miles an hour this season. Some of us will see family we haven’t seen in ages. Others of us will have our first day off in months. All of us have a life for which we should be thankful.

In the midst of our celebrating, let’s not forget to stop, reflect, and return to Jesus all the glory he deserves!

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