I just finished writing an e-mail to an old college friend. I do this from time to time, talk to friends from college. Sometimes through those conversations, I’m brought back to an ephemeral moment that meant so much at the time but with so many years in between had been lost.

As I finished up the e-mail, I remembered a conversation I had with this guy at a host house in England on a missions trip we took together over ten years ago. It was early early in the morning. He was really contemplating going into ministry. I was also just beginning to get the itch that God might have a place for me in the church. Both of us had no clue where God would bring us, no idea if we were even thinking in terms of what God had for us. Yet today, both of us work in a church.

God’s cool like that. Not only for the realization of dreams and callings, but for reminding us that his hand is upon us each step of the way bringing us to exactly the place he desires. I now look at this specific conversation quite differently. Back then it was significant sure, but it was still just two guys on a mission trip high on God as we experienced the ephemeral moments of mission work with friends. Now it seems more of a foreshadowing that needs a few paragraphs in my biography. I’m not sure if that actually makes sense or if that is just sappy Dan thinking to much before he goes to bed. But right now it’s how I feel.

I guess that we never know the moments that will matter or the conversations that will change our life. Live each of these to the full.

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