I’m a fan of grace.

Of course, the obvious would be the grace God gives me.

But then there’s the grace that my wife gives me when I mess up (not like that ever happens… oh, wait.)

Or the grace my co-workers give me when I start putting my type-A hat on.

Or the grace my friends show by simply being my friend after all these years of knowing the real me.

Or… well you get the point: grace is good.

Mike Foster has been talking about grace for years, even creating People of the Second Chance, an entire organization built around the concept of radical grace. He’s boiled down his thoughts on grace into a handy-dandy little book called Gracenomics: Unleash the Power of Second Chance Living.

In his own words: “PotSC is a movement of people committed to showing unexpected, excessive, and scandalous amounts of grace… GRACENOMICS is the science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of [that] grace.” Throughout the book, he unpacks how that can be played out in the different facets of our lives.


“Let’s go out of our way to be a little kinder, a little more encouraging, a little more gracious to the losers inside of us.”


“If we truly want to unleash second chance living we have to show GRACE TO THE GRACE KILLERS.

“Why you ask? Because if you don’t extend to grace to the grace killers… well… you are one of them.”


“[Grace] is a concept with muscles and teeth that shows strength outside of its conventional applications, which is exactly why it belongs in a competitive business world.”

I really appreciated this book and resonated with Mike’s thoughts. (He section on being a man of no reputation is fairly liberating, I might add.) I’ve been given hundreds of second chances in my life. The least I can do is give them in return. I want to be a person of second chance grace and see the good in people when others don’t. It’s what Jesus does for me every single day.

Thanks, Mike for a refreshingly candid vision of who the church can be to the world. We need this book. We need to be these people and stand in the face of the vulture culture in which we live.

If we don’t, who will?


To find out more about People of the Second Chance clicky here.

To get your own copy, Amazon is just a click away: Gracenomics

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