I’ve had this photo as my Facebook profile picture for about a month now:


Every so often I get the question, “So, what is it you’re doing in that picture?”

Well, wonder no further. We were lip-syncing to Michael Jackson’s “Bad.” Yep, that’s right: professional actors, children’s pastors, and college students lip-syncing like we were on a game show with the chance to win millions.

But here’s why:

Everyone needs a mantra before they go on stage, something that relieves tension, gets the blood flowing, keeps their mind focused and their energy up!

If you’ve ever worked with me, you’d know that I jump up and down swinging my arms back and forth pretty much from the time the show starts to the time I need to run on stage. It’s my mantra. Sure, I may look like a bit of a fool, but it works. I’ll keep doing it.

For our Camp Kid Jam team, the lip-sync became our mantra. About ten minutes before our final production meeting before we opened the doors, our producer would surprise us with a classic. We wouldn’t know when it was coming, but whenever we could hear the song blasting from the house speakers, we were ON! Those lip-syncs were some of our fondest memories of that trip, bonding us as a cast and crew and giving us stories to tell for a long time!

If you don’t have a mantra yet, try a few of these ideas:

1. The foolish jumping up and down thing – I swear by it.

2. Sitting in a corner backstage practicing deep breathing and prayer

3. Your favorite playlist and headphones. (You can add dance like a crazy-person to this one too!)

4. A walk down each row of chairs to pray over the people who will sit in them.

5. Stretching exercises backstage


And for all you producers and directors out there, seriously… you’ve got to try the lip-sync!
If you don’t know where to get started, here were some of our favorites.

Queen: “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Michael Jackson: “Bad”, “Beat It”, and “Thriller”

Journey: “Don’t Stop Believing”

Survivor: “Eye of the Tiger”

And yes… *NCYNC: “Pop”


Do you have a mantra? I’d love to hear about it. Post below!

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