As we walked across the dune on our way back down to the beach, she reached up.

“Daddy, can you hold my hand?”
“Of course.”

She held on tight as we walked the rest of the way down to where we could see the others enjoying the lake. In a flash she tore off to join the others but not before I grabbed a quick shot to remember the moment.

Our kids need to know they are loved and liked. We need to assure them they are more important than our phones, computers, and books.

We have a short window of time where our children will want to be near us, just being present with us. All too soon they will stop asking to snuggle with us in the wee hours of the morning, ask me to read them a book, play a game, or admire a Lego creation. Someday they won’t ask to hold my hands.

For now though I will savor each time I’m asked, and do everything in my power to say “yes!”

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