We talk about “trusting God no matter what” every weekend in our children’s ministry. All too often putting that phrase into action gets tested.

I can trust God no matter what

For the past two days we’ve been without a furnace. Thankfully, we have electricity and a network of space heaters strategically placed throughout the house as not to blow fuses, and Monday morning we woke up to a warmer than usual house.

The kids have been sleeping in the living room. The place looks like a slumber party exploded with pillows and sleeping bags strewn across the mattresses on the floor. It’s sort of a wreck.

I’m amazed at our kids. They’ve been such troopers throughout the whole ordeal. Granted, we realize at this point that us not having heat is a result of our own frugality and trying to escape a service call to an expensive repair man. (We will have a fixed furnace this afternoon!) Still, I’m surprised we’re not more out of sorts than we are.

I have a feeling this something to do with that often quoted phrase, “Making the best of it.”

I haven’t heard one ounce of complaining. No one cares that their bedrooms are cold. No one is freaking out that the house is a mess. Not a single person even mentioned the temperature of the toilet seat! (OK, maybe one person did, but it was COLD!)

Jenna and I have tried really hard to turn and inconvenient circumstance into family fun. I almost want to make this our new Valentine’s Day tradition of remembering the “Great Furnace Incident of 2011.”  A giant living room camp-out could be the way we commemorate it.

As parents, we have the power to set the tone in our homes. How we act or react to life often determines how our kids will respond. I know that I’ve failed miserably at this. I know that my attitude has had a negative affect on my family on multiple occasions, but this weekend reminded me what can happen when we make the best of life as it happens. When we make the best of it, we really are living it out: “I can trust God no matter what.”

Don’t worry. Pray hard. Have fun!

Your kids will follow your example, and you will survive the inconveniences that are part of life.

When has making the best of it worked in your family?
I’d love to hear your story…

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