Jenna and bit the bullet and finally got Liam his own copy of the Jesus Storybook Bible. We’d been talking about it for a while, but he’s been reading really well lately. We knew it was time.

That night I went in to tell him it was time to turn out the light. There he was sitting on the floor of his room with his “bible” open on his lap, mesmerized by the story he was reading.

I almost cried. OK, I actually did tear up just a little bit.

The next morning on the ride down to the bus stop I asked him what his favorite story has been so far. He said, “The one where God made a path for his people. You know, the one about Moses.”


I’ve waited for moments like these. The one where I catch my son reading his bible and talk with him about where the Spirit is moving in his heart. I realize that perhaps he was just reading the new book we got for him. But I also realize that the Word of God even when it is written and adapted at a level that a seven year old can understand has the power to penetrate this heart.

“The one where God makes a path for his people.”

Is that not the essence of the gospel? I’m so thankful to live in a time where the Bible is made relevant for my son that he WANTS to read and find out more about the God who is continually working out a path for his people to escape and find new life.

I pray for more moments like these.

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