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One of my weekly rituals is I can’t wait to open my RSS feed on Sundays and check out what’s on people’s minds and hearts as they share their secret with the world. This particular secret captured my attention yesterday:

I imagine the initial moment where mom or dad discovered the spray paint in the garage. For some reason in my imagination, I see the parent having to parent and scold the child for “decorating” the garage floor, yet deep inside secretly LOVING that his or her child is being himself.

I think about my own kids. They each have some amazing qualities that sometimes get the better of them…

Liam’s smarts aren’t always used for good.

Ellison’s over-the-top drama can get exhausting.

Addison’s sensitivity can keep her from having a good time.

Taye’s stubbornness wears us out.

Sure they can sometimes frustrate us, yet each of these qualities will someday help them become the people God wants for them to be. As parents, we need to celebrate the strengths in our children that wear us down and frustrates. If we nurture and harness these strengths towards positive behaviors, our kids will leave our home confident that they can take on whatever the world has to throw at them.

Liam is brilliant; if he keeps it up he won’t have to worry about a thing.

Ellison could win a Tony.

Addison could make a wonderful nurse.

Taye could stand up for what’s right and could make a huge difference in the world.

As parents, we can’t keep thoughts like the one on this postcard a secret. We need to constantly remind our children that although they may not always make the wise choice, that we love them and are cheering them on. Life is way to hard to have they guess whether or not we’re their biggest fans. Let our homes be the place where strengths are developed and celebrated!

Question for you: How do you celebrate the good you see in your kids? Comment below!

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