While we were away on spring break, it rained. A lot. The kids came down with a terrible case of cabin fever. Not so long after we did too.

Random iPhone pics from Spring Break

Our Thursday was rather a cross between insane and ridiculous. Perhaps the kids had run out of constructive activities. Perhaps we had just given up. Whatever the reason, the outcome was obvious: we needed a plan. If we were going to salvage this mini vacation, Jenna and I knew that the rest of this trip needed some structure and excitement stat.

Because of that plan, our Friday was literally a joy.

Random iPhone pics from Spring Break

A plan. That was all it took. OK, yes, success required that we held to that plan, but we would have been nowhere had we not put some forethought into our day.

This was just a day towards the end of vacation, but it got me thinking about something so much bigger.

The reality is that a strategic plan for my kids’ LIFE is even more important and necessary for success. If I can have a bad day on vacation because of a “we’ll see how it goes” attitude, think about the bad life that could happen with that same approach to parenting. Chances are that we’d end up at the crossroads of insane and ridiculous.

What are some of the plans you have for your own kids? How are you doing at sticking to those goals?

I know that for us, we have some work to do!

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