This is my first year as a non-official Orange blogger for Orange Week.

While they talked about Orange Week at staff meeting this morning, I almost got a little teary. I’m kidding, but while I can’t really be an official Orange blogger anymore, I do want to add some thoughts to the conversation this week.

I feel like since moving our family down to Atlanta, church and family have taken on different roles. With those changes, I can honestly say that I’m more Orange than ever. Now, yes, I work for Orange, of course I have to say that. But before you get on my case, hear me out: This has nothing to do with my working for Orange. As a parent, I will champion Orange more than I ever have as a church leader.

I don’t know about you, but as a church leader, I always found it difficult to be Orange with my own family:

I was on stage for the FX and not engaged with the conversations my kids would be having during the event.

After living with curriculum for weeks and months, by the time I got home I think I took the content for granted and had a difficult time getting to the ParentCues I’d sent to myself that week.

My kids and I were on opposite schedules. While I was working on the weekends, I missed the crucial interactions that make family, well, family.

I’m not complaining. I was definitely called to serve the church and did so with my whole-heart. In fact, I did the yellow side of Orange really well; but with the red I felt like I was constantly struggling to parent well… And parenting is my primary calling.

Now, I’m on the other side. I’m a parent who is attending church with my kids. I’m SO thankful we’re attending an Orange church that is trying to help me be a better parent. I love the ParentStuf blog and iPhone app. I love KidStuf and Family TakeOuts that help keep the conversation going all month long. I love the multiple ways the church lets us in on the conversations that my kids are having in small group with other adults who are speaking the same truths I hope to share at home.

Granted this doesn’t mean that I’m automatically good at any of this. It’s hard to parent, and as Jenna and the kids could tell you, I struggle. A lot. However, I attend an Orange church, and I feel like I’m being set up to succeed for the long haul.

Orange Leaders, be the best Yellow you can be, but always keep in mind that the Red struggles to make faith come alive in the home. Make every effort to to encourage and equip parents to be the best parents they can be.



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