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Jeff Manion is more than my pastor; he is my friend. I love the guy. He’s the real deal and truly practices the message he delivers. I’ve heard him give the Land Between talk several times, I reviewed the book, and I believe it’s true. There was something different today though.

Today Jeff spoke about the Land Between from a parent’s perspective. As we learn to let go of our kids, who don’t belong to us anyway, we will face moments of confusion, moments we wish we could do over, moments that will rock us to our core.

In these moments we find ourselves in the land between where we were and where we’re going. As Jeff says, this land of between while it can be fertile soil that can produce abiding faith, it can also be the desert where faith goes to die.

Throughout my short life, I’ve known the land between. I’ve been lost wondering out in the desert wondering what God was doing in my life, where he was taking me, and how I’d ever find my way out. Chance are high, that you have been here too.

Jeff’s message was one of hope. We don’t need to find our way out of the desert. We need to follow God through the dessert. As we follow God, he provides what we need and will form us into the people he desires. Jeff reminded us that we need to trust, after all there is a direct correlation between our response to the land between and the people we are on the other side of between.

Even when your stuck, it’s your move.

Are you feeling stuck right now? Do you feel as if you’re walking blindly through the desert? Trust the God who knows where he’s going. Find hope in the fact that God is creating something beautiful with your life.

If you haven’t read Jeff’s book, it’s a must! Check out my review here and get a copy NOW!


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