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OK, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like Andy Stanley? A friend of mine actually said the words, “Andy Stanley is my Justin Bieber!” Andy has so much to speak into church leaders. Tonight was no different.

Andy presented the crowd with a great reminder: all people matter.

Here’s the deal. We say that all people matter. We tout that we do this and that for our community. But do we as the Church actually live in the reality that ALL PEOPLE are made in the image of God and have value?

We get caught up in the lights and hazers, buildings and environments. We need to remember WHO will fill those spaces and experience our programming. At the end of the day, none of it matters except for those people.

Andy made a statement that has stuck with me since last light:

“Here’s how they’ll know you’re my followers: it won’t be your theology, your programming… It will be your LOVE for one another.”

Kids will come into our environments which are important, but what matters more are the greeters, room parents, and small group leaders who are welcoming them into a relationship that exudes Christ’s love.

Families will attend our events which are important, but what matters more to those parents is knowing that someone has their back regardless of their status in life. Love is what matters.

People will learn more about the Bible and theology, but none of that matters unless what we believe about God and his word is translated into action.

Don’t just say, “I do this for the kids.”

Live like it. Because just like the theme for Orange 11 says, it’s your move.

What are you doing in your ministries? What structures do you have in place that make sure that it’s about loving kids just as Christ loved the Church?


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