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Last night I was walking into the arena with Kenny. We were talking about much Orange is like coming back for “Old Home Week” at college.

Seriously, it’s like homecoming around here. We’re all hugging and picking up conversations right where they left off last year.

Coming to Orange is a family reunion. These are people with whom I’ve shared ministry and life, people who have become my best friends, people who inspire me to be a better man.

I found out today that over 70% of the people here at Orange 2011 are first-time attenders. I’m so thankful for the churches who’ve sacrificed to get their family ministries’ staff here this week. They will have an experience they will never forget. And please try and make it possible for them to return next year. Let them have the same Homecoming-joy I feel tonight.

I know, this is sappy, but I don’t care. This conference is not just about the message; Orange is about the people coming together to bring about something so much larger than their individual ministries. I’m so thankful to reThink/Orange and Ada Bible Church for making it possible for me to be here this week.

What about you? Why are you here at Orange? What do you hope to hear from God this week as you listen to speakers, connect with leaders, and worship our Savior? I’d love to hear from you.

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