This picture tells a story.

This story starts with a family in the United States. This family decided that they would take a simple box and fill it with love in the form of toothpaste and trinkets, toys and socks that a little boy would enjoy.

That story continues as the box traveled through a processing center in Atlanta, Georgia where it was inspected with care, where people prayed over it and the child who would receive it. The box was packed with other similar boxes and eventually ended up on a tanker headed for Barranquilla, Colombia.

The box was delivered to a local church who had this┬áspecific child in mind. Again, a different group of people prayed over the box box and the child. Those people prayed that the box would be more than just a box of stuff, but a light that would pierce darkness and open that boy’s eyes to the power of the Gospel.

And on January 27, 2014 in a local church somewhere in Barranquilla, Colombia, that little guy beamed as he opened that Operation Christmas Child shoe box and received a gift packed just for him by that person in the United States who decided to take a simple box and fill it with love.

It’s not just a box.

It’s a story of hope. Sure, it won’t stop poverty or offer water purification, but it sparks a relaitonship between a family and a local church filled with people who love Jesus and love thier community. It’s about a family now having someone (or many someones) on their side, there for them when they need it.

It’s a story of love. God’s love that sent His own Son to the cross and suffer for us to make us right with him. Our love for God to carry out the mission of sharing Jesus’ love with the world. Our love for others that drives us to pack a box each December.

It could be the story of one who now knows what it means to know Jesus and experience the grace He so freely offers.

This past week, I had the opportunity to help Operation Christmas Child hand out a couple thousands stories just like the one in the photo above. I can only imagine what God will do as he continues to write His story in lives of those kids who received a box today.

And what I imagine, well, it’s pretty spectacular.


You can help! Consider packing an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox this year. You can even build one online.

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