Sometimes life in general needs a good kick in the pants. We need turning points that redefine what we’re doing or at the very least remind us that we’re on the right track. I’ve been rethinking ministry lately. After reading unChurched after hearing story after story of God moving through communities and changing hearts, I know that we need to change up some of our focus – especially in how we interact with families both in and outside our church walls.

I learned a statistic on Sunday that was eye opening: In Grand Rapids, MI, roughly 27% of us go to church on a regular basis. 28,000-30,000 of those people are split between 6 churches.

6 churches.

If you’ve been to Grand Rapids, you’ve seen first hand:
there is a church on every corner. I’m not kidding.

People, we have a problem. We have seats for more people in churches in and around Grand Rapids. We have people in Grand Rapids who can fill those seats, who NEED to fill those seats. They are not filling those seats. I’ve been posing this question to a few people on my production staff which now hangs on my wall:

my wall

If we believe that the local church can be an agent of change in our communities, we need to do something different… or at least better.

We’re asking questions again. I want to fill the white board. I want a game plan. I want to play.

My question may be asking a question that we can’t really answer or accomplish. But right now I don’t care. We need to have these discussions, because so much is at stake.

So those of you reaching your community… what are you doing?! Is it working? What do you need to change?

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