Two months ago we found out that we desperately needed a water softener: lots of sediment + dishwasher water pump = 0 clean dishes. Last week or so, we realized that our water heater was dying a slow, very painful death. Our neighbor offered to come take a look at it to make absolutely sure that we needed spend all of that money on a new one. He confirmed the inevitable, and in the course of the conversation he said “he knew a guy” and offered to help said “guy” to do the work. Plus we were putting in a tankless water heater, and he was ALL OVER THAT!

We ordered the water heater and softener and had them ready. When he showed up (on his DAY OFF I might add) with his handyman friend, this is what are basement looked like:

the "before" picture
Our neighbor worked on the water softener while the handyman worked on the heater. All was going fairly well, but after we attempted to drain 50 gallons of water into our sump-pump, we realized that was shot as well. (YEAH!) I quick ran out grabbed one, brought it home, and started to put it in myself and long story short couldn’t. But don’t I look sexy in my head-lamp?! I’m rather sad that Jenna didn’t post the one where my Calvin Klein undies were sticking out like a high-end plumber’s.

Dan with headlight
Because of some craziness in attempting to fix the previous owners insane home “improvements” finally at 10 PM(!) we had soft and HOT water!! And our basement gained about nine square feet of living space.

"after"= a nice, big empty space

The next day, our neighbor came back and finished the sump-pump for us. I seriously never thought I could live in a community where neighbors are truly neighbors and actually look out for each other. I’m telling you this guy is the REAL DEAL! I’m blessed to call him friend and just hope I can return the favor someday.

Yeah, that’s right. I said it. My neighbor is better than your neighbor…

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