OK, I know that some of you hate on the Grammy’s. Sell outs and indulgences, sure. But even in hard times it’s good to celebrate music. There is A LOT of good music right now. So I watched the Grammy’s and got lost in the music for a few hours last night. Here are my top 5 highlights from last night:

1. RADIOHEAD: 15 Steps with the USC Marching Band. Only Thom Yorke can dance crazy like that and still look like a rockstar. And I’m thinking that we need a marching band in our worship set sometime in the near future.


2. Glad to see that Robert Plant and Allison Krausss won for best Album (not that the others in the category didn’t deserve it, but WOW!)


3. Jennifer Hudson’s performance. Sure this has something to do with my love of top 40 and American Idol, but I’m a sucker for a good sappy performance of healing after a tragic year. Plus you have to admit that this girl can SING!


4. TI feat Justin Timberlake: “I’ve been travelin’ on this road to long, Just trying to find my way back home, The old me Is dead and gone.” And while I can in no way endorse this song due to it’s explicit content, the performance was great… and this song is way more about faith than you would think.

5. Coldplay|U2 Tie… I guess I have to put these two performances in the top five. But I have to admit, they were a little predictable. Bono kicking nothing in front of a LED screen has been done before. As has Chris Martin at a piano going into a full out rock song… just sayin’.

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