Jenna wrote a great post about May 14, 2009. On May 14, 2009 we’re praying that we’ll pass court and have a new son. With each of our pregnancies, there came these moments where I began contemplating parenting and instilling values in our kids. And while this isn’t a pregnancy per se, just this past week I had a similar moment.

The new Jars of Clay album came out this last week and includes this beautiful song “Boys (Lesson One).” While he writes the song to his son, the lessons sung in the song are for children everywhere. They are prayers for children growing each day in a world they didn’t create and will not be an easy place in which to live.

I pray this for all four of my kids:

There will be liars and thieves who take from you
Not to undermine the consequence
But you are not what you do
And when you need it most
I have a hundred reasons why I love you

So you know who you are
And you know what you want
I’ve been where you’re going
And it’s not that far
It’s too far to walk
But you don’t have to run
You’ll get there in time
Get there in time

I want them to know Jesus deeply. I want them to know that they are created special regardless of their accomplishments. I want them to know that we’re here when they run and will pray for their safe return and accept them back with open arms. I want them to know that they are not alone, that we will be around for conversations, for moments of fear, and seasons of joy.

I love my kids more than I feel I can ever adequately put into words or actions. I continually pray that Jenna and I can be the parents that our kids need at each stage of their lives.

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