Yesterday afternoon I received a surprise e-mail from Abba Fund.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Abba Fund. This organization made it possible for us to finish up Taye’s adoption in a timely manner with a 0% interest loan for the cost of our plane tickets and travel. Jason, Julie, and the rest of their team are incredible people who have a huge heart for adoption and rescuing the poor and marginalized throughout the world.

The e-mail was a free download of Aaron Ivey‘s “Amos Story” off his most recent album, Between the Beauty and Chaos. The track is about the longing he felt for the two children he adopted from Haiti. Aaron writes these words in the chorus:

I’ll find a way to get you here
If it takes my fleeting breath
Another sunrise hits the ground
And it’s a dark lonely sight
Light-years away I hope you know
There is somebody searching
For the way to get you here
I will get you here

Listening to the track, so many emotions came back from when I first saw Taye’s picture and every picture following until the moment we saw him face to face.

I ended up listening to every 30 second snippet of this album on iTunes and decided (rather impulsively I will admit) that I needed to have the whole album. First of all, the album is really good. Aaron is a great songwriter and worship leader. Secondly, he seems like the real-deal, practicing what he preaches, smoking what he sells. He’s the sort of artist that we should be supporting and championing.

For the rest of today, I’ve been listening to Between the Beauty and Chaos. Give it a listen… and support a great artist.

Check out: “Found,” “Let Your Kingdom Come,” “Give Your Life Away,” and “Beautiful Mystery”

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