It was supposed to rain all week (and thankfully didn’t), but I decided that I better mow the lawn on Monday night. Jenna snapped this picture of Liam and I:

this was simply adorable.

He basically did whatever I did, and even rigged up a plastic Target bag as his “grass catcher,” so he could dump his into the yard waste bin when I did my own. He just wanted to be like me.

Make you think doesn’t it. Even with all of the media our kids view every week, did you know that parents are still the most influential adult in their kids’ lives? It’s true. Liam wants to mow the lawn just like me. How about when I face a difficulty or frustration? Will he react like I do? Do I WANT him to react like I do? Chances are, he will.

I need to remember that my children want to be more like me than they will ever tell me. Each moment with them is an important part of their development towards maturity; I must constantly ask myself if I am a good example for them to follow. I sure hope so.

Keep watch. Guard your heart. Live well… others are following close behind.

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