This year, Discovery Village had a great plan to send Christmas postcards to every child in our program.

DV Christmas card

Our administrative gurus had this planned to a tee, from working with bulk-mailing to getting small group leaders to hand-sign each card. Everything was in order, that is until we got to the bulk-mailing headquarters.

Postcards going bulk-mail can’t have any handwriting on them. If they have handwriting on them, the postcards need to be sent first class. You know where I’m going with this. Basically, as you can imagine having to send over 1,000 full-size postcards is expensive, really expensive. We had the money in our budget; we bit the bullet. We mailed the postcards, and within a day most of the postcards arrived in homes across Grand Rapids and Cascade, Michigan.

On Sunday, one of our team members came up to me excited as excited can be. She shared that we had a child show up who hadn’t been through the doors of Discovery Village in a year. This child received a postcard on Saturday afternoon and immediately told his parents that he needed to return to Discovery Village.

When you’re faced with a cost, you often weigh the return on the investment. They were Christmas postcards that kids would of course enjoy receiving, but still you ask the question, is it worth it?

After hearing that story on Sunday morning, my answer is “absolutely!” I’d gladly pay the money for one child to re-enter our program. Jesus left the 99 for the ONE; He calls us to do the same. We may never know the impact all those simple postcards had on our children, but it doesn’t matter.

One was enough.

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