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red phone - jeremiah calling

Have you ever read the first chapter of Jeremiah? The one where God calls him and lays out the plan for his life. You should. It’s incredible what God tells Jeremiah.

Here’s short of it:

“Hey, Jeremiah! Since before you we’re born, I had a plan for you. See, I need you to head over to Judah and tell them my words. I’m going to bring my people to ruin. It’s your job to tell them that. They won’t like it. They’ll get pretty upset with you, might even try to kill you. But don’t worry about that, I’ll be with you and protect you. Got it? Great. Now… Go!”


Jeremiah didn’t ask for this job. He didn’t seek out a headhunter or put a notice out on LinkedIn seeking work as the bringer of bad news. God called him—created him even—for this job.

You would’ve thought the job would’ve been a bit easier wouldn’t you? But that’s not the case. God made Jeremiah for this role, as His mouthpiece to His people. Everything that Jeremiah might have lacked in confidence, God would provide because God was in charge.

It’s the start of a new year. We have high hopes that this will be the year we [fill in the blank], yet…

We’re tired because it’s winter.

We’re fatigued because we’re hardly half-way through our ministry year and our job of serving the church is so very messy.

We thought we’d already be onto bigger and better things right now, but we’re feeling stuck.

Complaining becomes easy. Bitterness is lurking around the corner. Quitting seems like a valid option.

But then I read about Jeremiah’s calling in light of my own calling and I wonder…

Could it be that the frustrations are part of the plan? Could it be that God has called is to walk through whatever we’re facing because He created us for such a time as this?

Like Jeremiah, God has created you and me with a purpose in mind. He has called us to something great, not easy. He has also given us everything we need to win; He gave Himself.

This year, let’s lean into Him during the frustrations, take His yoke upon us, and have hope knowing that we are a huge part in the story God is telling the world.


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