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I leave in two days for the Orange Conference. I’m gonna love it when I get there, but as I’m sitting here tonight looking through and filling my iPhone with pictures. I’m already missing my my family’s  faces.

Girls lovin' the first popcicles of the season... #hipstimaticGirls lovin' the first popcicles of the season... #hipstimatic

spring time funspring time fun

I’m especially missing this one… Last year Jenna and I attended Orange together. This year I’m flying solo. This also means that she is too.

Easter Egg hunt in downtown GR
I’m not sure ministry spouses get enough credit for what we put them through. Our schedules lack rhythm. We go away for trainings, retreats, conferences. We hardly ever attend worship services together. And Ministry happens. For sure it’s difficult on us, but I have a feeling it’s hardest on them.

If you’re in ministry and you’re married, your spouse makes a lot of sacrifices for you and your ministry. They support us and love us, encourage us and tell us when we’re completely off track. We wouldn’t be the servants of God we are without them.

Don’t ever forget it!

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