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This afternoon I was talking to a co-worker about parenting.

We talked about how on my watch this happened:


And on Jenna’s watch this happened:


When Addi’s hair usually looked like this:

Addi posing

We were talking about basically it’s amazing that we’re all still sane (which in my case is legitimately questionable). How in the world will our kids not be screwed up? How will we not end up shriveled up in a corner somewhere longing for our happy place?

We try our hand at discipline, hardly knowing what works as our toddlers find loop-holes in our plans. Our kids are strong willed (a gift and a curse). Our patience lasts only so long (read: little).

I know that the above is a result of winter boredom. Our house is only so much fun. Coloring and proper use of scissors can only last so long. Really, as much fun as it is, how many times can one play Uno? And our youngest just can’t play the same games the two older kids can play. It’s divide and conquer at it’s best, but most of the time it’s one on three (Jenna is AMAZING!!)

I hope that one day we figure it out. I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel with warm weather ahead and bike rides and walks to the ice cream shop. But right now I see my little girl with a hybrid soft-ball player/Michael Bolton mullet…. and have no words to say except, “Jesus, HELP ME!”

And he does.

Because in reality, my kids are actually great. They’re well behaved when we have babysitter, when they’re at Sunday School, when they’re with grandparents, etc. etc. etc. It’s with us that they are real, stubborn, energetic, LOUD!, crafty (like a fox not like Martha Stewart), did I say stubborn? But all in all, they are absolutely cute, lovable, huggable, funny, witty, creative, passionate…ours…with or in this case without gorgeous hair. I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

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