A few months ago, Jenna and I were sitting in the living room. The kids had gone to bed, and we were talking about community, specifically the community into which we were invited. We liked these people. Still we wondered if we were ready to take the plunge into joining another small group.

Life is busy. Time is precious. And we’ve been through this before. Small groups take work and commitment. We wondered if we had the energy for giving ourselves to another group of people.

Inside, we knew that God was telling us we needed to jump, that we needed to risk being vulnerable. He was asking us yet again to trust him.

That was August.

On Friday night, our group was the last to leave the restaurant at closing time.

The risk paid off.

The life of faith is not meant to be lived alone. We need each other to speak words of encouragement into one another’s lives. We need people who are willing to speak truth needs to be said. We need A community that has our back and will fill our tanks when they are empty.

In ministry, we will become emptied. It’s just part of the price we pay. We need others who will walk along side us, pray for us, and remind us that we can’t this on our own strength. Everyone needs to be part of community. For ministry leaders, I’ve found that community is a non-negotiable.

Yes, community can be messy. Broken people are messy, and when they get together the mess just multiplies. But that doesn’t give us an excuse not to join. We need to take the risk. It may work; it may not. We have to try anyway. I’m so thankful we did.

I’m overflowing with gratitude for people willing to live life with us. After a long week where I felt my tank being emptied, the joy we shared on Friday night filled me to overflowing. We’re so blessed to have so many people to love us, take us as we are, yet help us become our best.

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