“You see, children loved Jesus, and they knew they didn’t need to do anything special for Jesus to love them. All they needed to do was to run into his arms. And so that’s just what they did.

“Well, after all the laughing and games, Jesus turned to his helpers and said, “No matter how big you grow, never grow up so much that you lose your child’s heart: full of trust in God. Be like these children. They are the most important in my kingdom.”

Jenna and I are reading the Jesus Storybook Bible to the kids right now. I’m pretty sure I’m learning more about my own faith than the kids are about theirs, but perhaps that’s the power of a good children’s book. For instance, last night, I read these words:

“All they needed to do was to run into his arms.”

And it wrecked me.

Why do we try so hard when all Jesus wants us to do is run into his arms?

Because I’m pretty sure that I’m trying too hard to be perfect. Or maybe I’m just trying to be this ideal of a person of who I think I should be.

I just need to be me.

Sure, I need to allow the Holy Spirit to mature me into a better version of me, but I need to be Dan Scott, child of God. My identity is found in Him, and that is all that matters, not the articles or the speaking gigs or the blog stats or the whatever. It’s Him. Anything else is wanting less than what he desires for me.

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