Making paper snowflakes is a wintertime staple for kids. They get out the paper and the scissors, carefully fold and cut out their pattern, and excitedly open up the paper to discover their creation.

Doesn’t matter that I’m in my thirties, I still love making snowflakes at Christmas each year. Making all those cuts still gets me giddy as I try to imagine the outcome. I cut out squiggles and shapes with precision until I feel I’ve caused enough damage to the paper.

And then I get to open it all up and see what I’ve made. What looked somewhat odd all folded up is now actually quite beautiful.

My kids and I enjoyed making paper snowflakes the other day. As I thought more throughout the day, a thought started to run through my head:

We’re all rather paper snowflakes, aren’t we?

Just as we snip away at the paper folds to make something beautiful, God is snipping away at the excess in out lives to do the same.

He works on our pride. Subdues our anger issues. Slices through our unfounded insecurities.

The process hurts. After all, he is cutting away at us. We don’t always understand why he chooses to make cuts where he does. At times we become awkwardly unsure of who we are anymore.

But then one day it happens…

We open up and see our lives through God’s eyes. We’ll begin finally to understand why God needed to cut away what he did and see the beauty God intends for us.

Yes, the ground will be littered with paper scraps that will get swept up and discarded. Yes, the snowflake may get stuck on itself as it’s opened.

But the pain will be worth the result: being the person God truly wants for us to be.

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