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Last week, I was helping a kidmin colleague with some idea. I wanted to send him information on Married People, the great new ministry from the people at Orange. I couldn’t remember if the url ended with .com or .org and decided to Google it just to be sure.

This is what the search gave me:

Are you serious?!

Apparently discreet, adultery-dating is big business and all the rage right now.

This is sad.

Our marriages are attacked on every side. If it’s not Google searches gone wrong, it’s our busy schedules and misplaced priorities. It could be we’re spending so much time with our kids that we’re neglecting each other.

This Google search was just a reminder that I can’t take my marriage for granted. I need to making sure that my wife knows she’s the world to me. I need to put God first and pray like crazy. Protect your marriage;so much is at stake.


1. Schedule a date night.

2. Turn off your TV and talk

3. Get a weekend away without the kids

4. Look through your wedding album again and remember why you fell in love

5. Write each other a love letter…. With pen and paper

Add to the list! How do you keep the flame burning? Comment below!

Oh, and it’s .org! Check out Married People for more ideas on how to make healthy marriages a priority at your church.

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