It occurred to me the other day that it had been weeks since I offered up a real post of any sort on this blog. I’ve been busy to say the least. Hopefully in the following list you’ll get a snap shot of life in transition.

1. We’re moving. You did hear that, right? If you haven’t check out this post right here.

2. We sold our house. The process was not what we expected on many levels, but I will say this. God is good and faithful to us. Without even having to put the home on the market, we had a buyer. We will be incredible thankful when the process is complete, but we’re so excited to have this huge part of the move out of the way. We close on June 23 and will be headed out the same day! We’ve yet to pack a box, but I’m sure that will change soon as I’m picking up 50-some boxes from a member at our church today!

3. We’re house shopping. Do I even need to say anything else? Again, God is blowing us away with this process. We’re waiting on news and hoping it will be positive. If it’s not, we know we’ll be fine. Still, a “yes” would be amazing!

4. Transitioning. I’ll be honest, at times I’m beginning to feel like a Lame Duck president. Transitioning out is not easy. Much is happening around me that will come to life without me. I’m doing my best to say present and aware, but I definitely have Georgia on my mind.

5. Camp. We’re having our first elementary overnight camp starting June 12. I’m in the midst of CRAZY planning for the large group experiences. From games to hosting to storytelling, I want these kids to see Jesus and know him more. This has been a great final project for my time at Ada. I feel like I’m taking everything I’ve learned throughout the past eight years and putting into practice, a thesis of sorts for a degree in ministry.

6. Saying Good-bye. The hardest part about leaving are all the meetings and gatherings that involve saying farewell. Over the past almost 11 years of living in Grand Rapid, God has brought amazing people into our lives. Our community has seen us through buying and selling houses, having kids and living through their aftermath. They’ve been a part of our growth into the people we are today. And as we don’t say good-bye forever, our relationships will change. We pray that we find even half of the community we’ve been blessed with here.

That’s been the past two weeks in a nutshell. Throughout everything that’s happening, God is once again reminding us that He is Faithful One who will carry us every step of our journey. We are blessed beyond words and give all glory to Him.

So what have you been up to lately?

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